We Are The Chosen One

My journey of my world, life, and fantasy—To My Dearest Sister Caroline Gavin

True believers’ life is a mystery in the whole universe*
However God never tries to hide His incredible plan from us*
It’s been written that our lives have sufferings and trials*
Only through faith and attach closely in Jesus we receive peace*
We are chosen people as gold must be tested and purified through fierce fire *
Satan and his followers and ignorant people like roaring lion surround us*
Supposedly all believers should be tight up together*
Yet been misled by confusions, isolations, manipulations, and temptations*
It’s so heavy to carry our own cross without any sign of hope in the darkness*
Through constant prayers and strong faith in the Lord, God knows*
The Lord will provide all we need including our prayer companions*
Together we hold hands walking through our pilgrim paths*
by © Mei Esther Wang 11/26/2012

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