True Friend

Silence is a friend who will never betray you!

My journey of my world, life, and fantasy

A true friend will recognize your ability and potential*
They empower you when you are not even sure about your strengths*
A true friend will not hesitate to eulogize your visible and inward beauty*
They make you feel that you are included and a part of them*
A true friend will lift you up when you are down*
They will not leave you when you need them the most*
A true friend will cheer you up when you are in tears*
They will not tease you behind your back*
A true friend will share your success with you*
They will not take the credits but always support and push you to go higher*
To value and keep a true friend around your then you have to be a true friend to them*
By ©Mei Esther Wang 5/23/2012

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